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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : On Top Of My Game lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "On Top Of My Game"

Mind on a Rover, shine when I wanna
Girlies on my dick, cause I rhyme like Hova

P busting, till my casket drop
Ecstasy got me higher, than an astronaut
Going hard like Carmelo, or maybe Lebron

Flipping crack, like a cheerleader flip a baton
I'm a Don, my lyrics leave you dazed and stunned
^!$$%z thought that I was finished, but I just begun

Taking trips in my jet, in my private plane
And I got more enemies, than Saddam Hussein
Boss Hogg Outlawz, yo we running the game

Try to stop my committee, put a hole in your brain
Federalies wanna see a ^!$$%, locked in chains
Got some killas on my team, that'll pop them thangs

Most ^!$$%z lame, and think with they dicks
Any (*##$ I $#&@ with, gotta have benefits
My hoes break tricks, and bring it back to me

Know you suckers gon hate, but I still remain G
Your team move grahams, my team move tons
My team count G's, your team count ones

No time for sleep, I'm in a hustler zone
You wanna plot with them stones, I got a million dollar phone
All on my own, it's me against the world

It's a must I provide food, for my baby girl
Hypnotic got me calling Earl, I'm throwing up
Yeah my P.O. she a trip, got me pissing in a cup

Me broke ^!$$% what, I $#&@ with made ^!$$%z
Street smart wise guys, them know how to save ^!$$%z
I scribble on my sheet, to the very last line

Like 8-Ball and G, pimping my own rhyme
Watch me put it down, my lyrics gon touch ya
PJ (*##$, the mother$#&@ing rap hustler

[Hook x2]
PJ, in the do'

Got my mind on my money, I ain't playing no mo'
PJ in the do', Boss Hogg is the click I claim
^!$$%z listen to the %#@! I bring, I'm on top of my game

Spit lyrics, that'll burn the mic

If this rap %#@! was crack, it'll burn your pipe
Every line that I spit, yo I word it right
You lil' boys still rookies, better earn some stripes

$#&@ stars and [email protected]()s, Puerto Ricans and whites
Black hoes too stupid, wanna fuss and fight
Like Tina and Ike, (*##$ I'm running the show

If your $$# don't like it, get your %#@! and go
Let a hoe be a hoe, I ain't losing no sleep
I'm trying to get rich, $#&@ playing with a freak

You ^!$$%z too weak, wanna cuff and chase em
Like Jay-Z, PJ replace em
Numbers erase em, on my god damn phone

I done gave you some dick (*##$, now leave me alone
Once again it's on, I'm bout to step out the booth
PJ the rap hustler, hell yeah I'm the truth

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