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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Make A Girl Feel Flow lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Make A Girl Feel Flow"

Yeah that's right, bounce Killa
It's your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper ^!$$%

Dead End Southside, Boyz N Blue
Boss Hogg Outlawz ^!$$%, they know Killa run it

It's Killa Kyleon, I'm back up in the mix again
Pyrex fork scratching, I'm back up in the bricks again

And you can catch me in the hood, like a fan belt
With a heater on me, that'll make your man melt
I'm the truth in the booth, I'm not liar homie

No I snitch, I ain't letting FED's, put a wire on me
Before Killa take the stand, he gon take a man life
Put him in the sleeper, like the reaper ^!$$%

I'll have you pushing up daisies, like a gardener
Head covered in red, like St. Louis Cardinals
So play #[email protected], and you gon get $#&@ed quick homie

Only difference is, you the #[email protected] this the dick homie
Billy the Kid, Kyleon'll make you famous
I'm the best rapper in Houston, listen that's a no-brainer

And that ain't arrogance, that's confidence
I make good music like Kanye, use your common sense

[Slim Thug:]
This one for my ^!$$%z on the grind, moving rocks on the corner
Laws on watch, streets hotter than a sauna

Hustlers getting paid, always keep the heater on ya
Cause them ^!$$%z start to hate, when your paper gets stronger
My paper getting longer, your paper getting shorter

My grind mo' stronger, I hustle mo' harder
I'm way mo' smarter, than them other rap dudes
With them bad attitudes, cause they broke and confused

I'm at peace, no beef with no crews
But if I battled on the beats or the streets, I won't lose
I'm a mother$#&@ing winner mayn

Every contest I enter mayn, way back since I was a beginner mayn
By far, I don't bar the war
I take the top off your car, and fire up a cigar

^!$$%z (*##$es, need to wear panties and bras
^!$$%z snitches, and they don't even know who you are
Just talking, for the spotlight

I ain't hard to find, you can catch young Slim Thug out nights
Up in the town, $#&@ing around
Having fun at the same time, clutching a pound

Face a clown, wanna do a show
The fo'-fo' blow smoke, like a ^!$$% blowing pounds of the killer dro
They act hard, but them ^!$$%z know

Come playing with the Boss man, and get you bumped off man


These hating $$# ^!$$%z, love to see you doing bad
That's why I grab my pen and pad, and do these ^!$$%z bad
Stay fresh to death, till my body out of breath

I'm PJ (*##$, keep your hating to yourself
Stick to the G-code, real with this game
I done been through it all, and I'm still in the game

Selling cocaine, gotta get it how I live
Might blow a ^!$$% brains, gotta get it how I live
Pull up on the scene, everybody freeze up

Thugging like a mother$#&@er, staying G'd up
J's on my feet, with a fresh white T
I'm a Outlaw (*##$, you ain't gotta like me

Knocking hoes down, like bowling pins
Hoes recognize a G, when I'm strolling in
Like Yokahoma tires, I hull these hoes

I'm a playa made ^!$$%, I don't love these hoes what


Mic check one-two, one two
You know who it is ^!$$%, freestyling in this (*##$
Sir mother$#&@ing Daily, Rayface

Killa Kali, Thugga, PJ, C. Ward

[Sir Daily:]

Outlawz in this (*##$, and you know we gon floss
The weather hot, so the top getting tossed
I'm a Boss, so I throw it in the air
Come through, Sir Daily got a hoe and I'ma share
I keep pairs, yeah I keep twins

Got's to slide through, I'm thinking bout my ends
Thinking bout a Benz, with them what @@#! eyes
I'ma come through, nice hoe with thick thighs
Got's to be fine, if she on my ^!$$% dick
I'ma come through, in this (*##$ getting rich

Got's to get big, I got's to get fatter
Daily in this (*##$, got drank in my badder
Hoes on my nuts, but I pay em no mind
Got's to get paid, everyday on the grind
Puffing on pounds, I'ma share with my ^!$$%z

^!$$% talk down, garunteed to see triggas
@@#! them hoes back, I'ma just pull
Daily in this (*##$, off the drank and I'm full
Got like a bull, I'ma just raise
I'm 2005, on another page

Put it in your face, never gon slack
Got PJ, in the back blowing sacks

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