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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Keep It Playa lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Keep It Playa"

Ain't no reason you cryin
bout whatcha man do
You say he been lyin'

Well what you gon' do
Ain't no use if you leavin'
Every ^!$$%h you meetin

is cheatin
just sneak off with me for the weekend
Don't get mad get even

When you see him leavin'
That's when you need to be creepin'
While he on the wrong

Thinkin' you home sleepin'
Slide by the boss house so I can dig deep in
I hear you prayin' for attention

And I can give you plenty
Your secret's safe with me
Baby let's go begin it

But thug love affair
It's ain't a competition
I ain't tryna' be your man

I'm just givin' you what you missin' (yeah)
And don't feel bad
He put you up in this position

If ya'll was in love
Why ain't no hugin' and kissin'
When you wanna get away

I'll take you for a ride
When that ^!$$%h act up
I'll be by your side

See we got this little thing that we don (do)
I'll just keep it between me and you (and you)
You call me when you with it

Then I'm a come get it
Yeah we'll be creepin'
But it's all a secret (yeah)

So I'll keep it playa
No I ain't trippin'

I know you got a man
I'm a play my position
See I ain't worried

It's no competition
Man, listen we can keep it on the low
Ain't no body got to know

Call me a secret lover (lover)
Yeah I multiply
She's on my speed dial

I got her on my five
I put up on her
And got her in five

She hopped inside
And we ride like mary blidge
I know she got a man

I heard he was a teacher
She called me up
Then I Come Substitute for him

Nice swagga
Call papa a rollin' stone
I gotta bad habit...

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