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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : I'm A Hogg lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "I'm A Hogg"

G'eah, Boss Hogg Outlawz
Serve & Collect ^!$$%

[Hook: x2]
(I'm a Hogg), I'm out that H-Town Texas where the Outlawz hang

We braided and grilled out, that's the Outlaw thang
(I'm a Hogg), a lot of boys try to jack us where Outlawz slang
Ain't no love, cause you can't dub a Outlaw mayn

I got work, I ain't broke no mo'

I call shots, I ain't gotta touch dope no mo'
Candy cars on chrome, cause I hustle for that
Respected highly in the streets, cause I struggle for that

Give a $#&@ about a [email protected]#%, I got plenty of them
Been real way befo', I started running with Slim
^!$$%z all on my dick, cause they hoes like that

Stay true to the game, cause I roll like that
I'm a Hogg in this game, cause I rep the %#@!
Hard times jail time, I done felt the %#@!

Long as they print money, I'ma get me some scrill
If I keep rap hustling, I'ma get me some mills
I was born for this %#@!, I'ma stay on my game

Keep shaking fake ^!$$%z, I'ma stay on my chain
To the homies dead and gone, I'ma ball for y'all
Hit the boulevard hurting, I'ma crawl for y'all cause I'm a Hogg

[Hook x2]

[Slim Thug:]
I'm a Hogg ^!$$%, Texas outlaw ^!$$%
Do this %#@! brawl, y'all soft I'm a Boss ^!$$%

Y'all dick riders, following the crowds
I make the mother$#&@ing rules, ball or fall
Said $#&@ waiting in line, and took my time to shine

If I ain't get it with my grind, I would of got it with the nine
Left weak ^!$$%z behind, head to the top $#&@ secondary
I'ma win this %#@!, by any means necessary

Y'all ^!$$%z scary, my blood clear of fear
This drip sweat, these eyes don't shed tears
You gon respect this here, or get rolled over

I'm the Boss Hogg Outlaw, top soldier
And I'll fold ya, for $#&@ing with my fam
^!$$%z better start ducking, when I'm bucking out the Ram

I don't give a damn, and I mean it when I scream it
True raw dog Hogg, y'all (*##$ ^!$$%z dreaming

[Hook x2]


We ride we don't walk we groove, we don't talk we move
Like S that costs a lot of step like
If anything, my Hoggs just step up

Catch me in the middle of a war, with my sets up
Rep repping, soldier boy stepping
Salute when you see me, H.C.G.

H-A-7, L-O-Z G.C.P.
Grooving till the world stop moving, O.S.C.
Boss Hogg Young Hogg, sto' down capo

H-Town rider, got that fire like a vato
Stay strapped up, leave em slipping but I'm not dumb
Keep that heater tucked, like a sucker with a bad hump

A bad (*##$, kinda like my (*##$
Mine don't $#&@ing lay down, she just bust and %#@!
I think you lying hoe, you must be sick

That's a saws off gauge, while you wash my dick

[Hook x2]

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