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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : How We Do It Flow lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "How We Do It Flow"

(feat. Yung Vahn)


What Boss Hogg Outlawz, uh
PJ uh, the mother$#&@ing Rap Hustler what
Uh it's Outlaw season uh, uh what what what

Layed back chilling, with the mind of a G

Man these #[email protected] $$# ^!$$%z, can't $#&@ with me
It's Outlaw season, (*##$ ^!$$%z move around
Tuck your tail in your $$#, I don't wanna hear a sound

Po' the Henn in a cup, put the lighter to the dro
PJ the Rap Hustler, yeah (*##$ I'm bout to blow
It's fa sho can't stop it, bank rolls in my pocket

Cadillac Coupe DeVille, speakers got the trunk knocking
Hoes bopping when we pull up, our cars are fresh
Lumivado on my wrist, big badge on my chest

Oh yes I'm a fool, please don't blow my cool
I'll @@#! the glock and leave that $$#, in a blood pool
You know the rule shoot first, and ask questions later

Not guilty I ain't do it mayn, mother$#&@ a hater
Holla later back Thug, and C on the other side
Strapped up ^!$$% what, that's how real G's ride

I got em getting bad vibes, like that award show

Cause boys know that Killa bring the heat, when I record hoe
I got a felon flow, and y'all %#@!'s misdemeanor
I flood the beat with my speech, like Hurricane Katrina

So act like you got plex, I got a tech with me
That'll leave your %#@! twisted, like an evacuee
I got that work, yeah Kyleon deliver chalk

From the streets of H-Town, to the River Walk
I'm the big dog, Killa got the bigger bark
I talk cash %#@!, and you can hear it when a ^!$$% talk

I'm bout a dime dollar sign, so I gotta grind
Cause being broke than a joke, is so out of line
I'm in the booth, while these other boys lazy

So when you play that boy Killa, all the dope boys go crazy
And I ain't Jeezy G, or Weezy Wee
But I'm the hottest ^!$$% in this H-Town, please believe it G

This is for the G's, and this is for the hustlers

This is for the G's, and this is for the hustlers
This is for the G's, and this is for the hustlers
Out there on the grind, trying to satisfy the customers

[Yung Vahn:]
Let me, introduce myself

This Yung Vahn, and dog I'm bad for your health
Might be young, but I got a lot of wealth
Talk that mess, and I'ma take off my belt

Man, I represent Texas
Where people drive wreckless, and pull up in a Lexus
Half of our people, got they name up in they necklace

It's the Dirty Dirty, y'all boys gotta respect this
Ok, I shine like chandelier
They call me MVP, I sold the rookie of the year

And I ain't got no problem, spitting that flame up in your ear
I make boys cry, mo' than a tattoo tear
Alright, I'm a G anyway

Like Burger King, cause you could have it your way
And I work in the studio, all day
It's called a freestyle, but you still gotta pay whoa

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