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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Heat On My Side lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Heat On My Side"

[Hook: x2]
I keep a heater on my side, when I ride
I ain't finna be the victim, of a homicide

Haters'll catch a ^!$$% slipping, and get done
So I never leave the house, without packing a gun

Naw 9-1-1 is a joke, ask Flava Flav
That ain't save that ^!$$% Dave, when he got his gator sprayed

Killa keep hatorade, just in case a hater brave
@@#! the chrome put a tombstone, on a hater grave
Stick in the clip and get to ripping, if you think I'm tripping

Let the banana peel on the K, if you think I'm slipping
I'm pistol gripping, when I'm tipping on them fo' 4's
Just in case a hater run up, to my low pro's

I got magnum in the Magnum, that's a semi not a hemi
And bullets I got plenty, if you hollin' bout kill me
Turn you into Tiny Timmy, put you in the sleeper

In a hospital bed, dead finna meet the reaper
Pull out the F-N, and have a ^!$$% brain buzzing
And in your life at the light, like caine buzzing

So when I drive, I keep a heater on my side
Cause I'll be damned, if I be a victim of a homicide

[Hook x2]


I lost my partna Gunny, in a gun fight
So everytime I ride cuz, I think about that night
How they took my homie, I ain't have that pistol on me

I ain't have that pistol on me, damn
I swear to God my ^!$$%, I'ma stay strapped until my demise
Until you get to look me in my eyes, one more time

That 45 on me, the K in the seat
Go on play with a G, see how funny it's gon be
I'ma heat your $$# up, street sweep your $$# up

Shoulda learned your lesson, when that ^!$$% beat your $$# up
I bet you I'ma handle mine, behind tint
Gripping pine hand on that nine, $#&@ with me

Jaguar, you on the wrong track boy
I'ma hit your chest, and blow out your whole back boy
You want stacks boy, you better get on your grind

I'ma shoot you if you $#&@ with mine, off top ^!$$%

[Hook x2]

(*##$ I'm a G, it's a must I stay packing

I'm strapped now, PJ ain't just rapping
This rap game don't mean %#@! to me, these ^!$$%z fake
$#&@ with me (*##$, they bringing out that yellow tape

I'm a grown man, so miss me with that kid %#@!
These ^!$$%z talk, but I know they never did %#@!
I'm getting money, and I'm waiting on the jack boys

So I can send they $$#, straight to that graveyard
I don't do a lot of talk mayn, talk is cheap
You got a problem with the P, see me in the streets

These ^!$$%z [email protected]#(, they ain't ready for the aftermath
I'm living by that gun, and dying in a blood bath
Bought a chopper last night, with a scope on it

And I'm waiting to use it, on any hoe want it
(*##$ it's death before dishonor, over here black
That tough %#@! around here, gon get you killed black

[Hook x2]

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