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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Good Ole Luv lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Good Ole Luv"

G'yeah, what's wrong with you ^!$$%z out here man
I done been in y'all shoes already man

You act like I took a magic carpet ride, to where I'm at
I been there and done that ^!$$%, I've paid my dues already

[Slim Thug]
I started small time, karaoke rhymes
Jotting raps on my pad, till I ran out of lines

Use to flow from day to night, till I got it right
It wasn't till mixtapes, I felt spotlight
Thinking back when Slim Thug, use to live like a scrub

Out the trunk selling mixtapes, out at the club
Had to hit the road for days, rolling in rental cars
Building up my client tale, determined to be a star

Use to do talent shows, every week and lose
Stay out till 4, be up at six for school
Being Slim, wasn't always cool

When I told 'em I'd be a star, they use to call me a fool
I done plenty songs for free, shows on the G.P.
Worked hard, to make another ^!$$% money

I guess that's why I'm blessed, with the cars on dubs
I paid my dues, fools gon give me some love

[Hook: Chris Ward]
(forgiveness for my good old love) for those that hated
You don't know how long we waited, to say

(forgiveness for my good old love), you talk down
But then you always around, trying to
(forgiveness for my good old love), at first you knocked it

But then we dropped it, and you jocked it so
(forgiveness for my good old love), $#&@ it
Well give it to me then, give it to me

[Sir Daily]
I was born to be a hustler, simple and plain

Got tired of being broke, so I entered the game
With no fame and no change, just a pen and a pad
All you lames can complain, but I'm getting my cash

A dime to a dolla, I double my digits
I grind for my dollas, and hustle ridiculous
Cause friends like to smile, and have fun when you down

And never have no ends, to lend when you down
But that's o.k., cause I laugh at the past
Writing raps everyday, as I mash on the gas

A Hogg, that never looked back
Now they say Sir Da', I didn't know you could rap
And you crabs, trying to earn my friendship

I swear this back stabbing, and fake %#@! is endless
But $#&@ it, man to my whole thugs
I'm a hustle with thugs, so ^!$$% show me love


I use to push, nick's and dimes
Now all I do is spit a few hits, and rhyme

But this game is no different, it's a constant grind
I need a constant shine, $#&@ being in a constant bind
Been rapping since sixth grade, getting lunch in line

Filling up my notebooks, with a bunch of rhymes
I knew that I could succeed, if I put my all in it
Superstardom had a place for me, one day I'd fall in it

I use to write them notes, and quotes in class
Everytime the teacher'd pass, she would gross my $$#
They use to joke and laugh, when I'd say I rap

Now they get out they seats and clap, when I say I rap
All the caps and miss-happ's, is a thing in the past
You use to didn't cut for me, now you bringing me cash

You use to say that Kyle was ugly, now they bringing me $$#
Now that my flow made me do', now they bringing it fast


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