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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Get Back lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Get Back"

Get the $#&@ back, (move) [x14]
It's something wrong, they can't stay still

Back-back, give me fifty feet

We in the club, and we bout fifty deep
Club packed, from the front to the back
I'm in this (*##$, on a blunt and some Yak

I see the chicks, finna get to bopping
And the trunks, finna get to popping
The big riders, finna get to watching

And all the haters, finna get to plotting
It's finna be a fight, get out the way
Go to the trunk ^!$$%, get out the K

We just trying to chill, and mack on hoes
And try to get 'em to the wide body, Lac on 4's
Me, Slim, Daily, Whodie

I'm Killa, if you ain't know me
So stand still, and try to act tough black
Your $$# better (move), and get the $#&@ back


[Chris Ward:]
All you fake #[email protected] ^!$$%z, need to do me a favor
Before I $#&@ around, and do you #[email protected] ^!$$%z a favor

Introduce you to my ignorant, most rudest behavior
Pull out my glock, not just aiming at you but then blaze ya
So if ya tough get your nuts up, and try to come clown me

Homeboy I'm deep, got at least fifty mob ^!$$%z around me
That's ready to ball, if I just give 'em the call
Tear this whole %#@! down, from wall to wall (*##$

[Sir Daily:]
I'm higher than a cloud, so I'm trying to chill

In the club sipping Yak, with a pound of kill
Ice glistening off my neck, and all around my ear
So I stay getting chicks, all around the year

The fo' pound is near, I can't sleep without it
Two words describe me, baby deep and bout it
He's the hottest, no need to think

Cause I'ma hustle till I can't baby, and bleed the bank


[Slim Thug:]
I'm a Boss Hogg soldier, I thought I told ya

You either gon roll with us, or get rolled the $#&@ over
(*##$ get the $#&@ back, 'fore the Mack click-clack
And rat-a-ta-tat-tat, and put a hole in your hat

I feel like I'm being attacked, give me some space
^!$$%, 'fore I give you seventeen in your face
^!$$%, I got another seventeen on my waist

Pull seventeen out the safe, and get rid of the case
Ain't no high speed chase, with the laws and the Outlawz
I just chill like it's nothing, and give my lawyer a call

And tell him how I act, sure to give me some room
But you didn't listen, so the glock went boom
Hide your hoes, Slim Thug just stepped through the do's

Uh-oooh, and he leaving with any (*##$ he chose
Try to stop him or @@#! block him, the left jab gon rock 'em
The right hook gon drop em, and the glock nine gon pop 'em


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