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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Freestyle (track 9) lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Freestyle (track 9)"

[Slim Thug]
What the $#&@ they talking bout, think they could $#&@ with the Boss
^!$$%z ain't pay they bills, bout to get they lights cut off

Your (*##$ $$# pass due, so your service is through
So beware of that badge crew, the new Boyz-N-Blue
What the $#&@ you boys gon do, when them Blue Boyz come through

In them blue toys with you, pointing them toys at you
Shoot towards your crew, with automatics and macks
We got all type of gats, that go [gun shots]

You ready for war, you ready for scars
You think your body can handle some holes, the size of cigars
I got the deuce-deuce to nick you, but the 4-5 gon stick you

The AK seal the deal, your family gon miss you
Them doctors ain't gon stitch your, brains back together
Plus your head and shoulders, ain't even attached together

You can duck and dodge when I pull it, but you bound to catch a bullet
When my trigga finger pull it, like [gun shots]

[Hook x2]
Ain't no rules taming me, (I'm a $#&@ing Outlaw)
Ain't nothing you can do about me, (I'm a $#&@ing Outlaw)

The game wouldn't be the same without me, (I'm a $#&@ing Outlaw)
So put that up in your blunt and smoke it (*##$, (I'm a $#&@ing Outlaw)

Kick in your do' while you sipping a 4, and you hitting the dro
That hoe that's licking you low, she hitting the flo'

Better go to your safe, and be getting the do'
Or them ties in your garage, and be getting the blow
I thought you had work, it look like you been sniffing your snow

That's what I'm lifting a fo', I ain't stiffing it's no
And if that (*##$ try to run, I'ma put six in that hoe
And murk everybody in the vicinity (*gun shots*)

Kyleon get rid of his enemies, physically and lyrically
So think again before you try me ^!$$%, is you ^!$$%z hearing me
I'm the best thang in this game, since Tha Boss when it dropped

And my status looking good, like a Bentley when it's tossing the top
I'm doing shows in different states, you just in Austin a lot
Cause my flows are sick, like this track coughing a lot

So you better respect the gangsta, walking in your spot
Or get a bullet in your top like (*gun shots*)

[Hook x2]


PJ I'm the %#@!, Boss Hogg is my click
Hoes know I'm in the mix, now these hoes on my dick
Keep a down $$# chick, that's down to break tricks

If this rap don't pay me, then I'm back to breaking bricks
Still down to hit a lick, and do a snitch quick
If my bak against the wall, I'll bust a ^!$$% %#@!

Give a damn who you with, I walk it like I talk it
Yo the vest the beams, extra clips I done bought it
Say I gotta get the Hummer, and a Rover and a Benz

Already seen the Penn, it's time to see some ends
I never had a friend, so alone is what I be
I don't give a god damn, how you feel about me

As long as I'm alive, I'ma keep getting bread
Long as hoes got lips, I'ma keep getting head
Did some time in the FED, it put me on my game

$#&@ trying to get high, young ^!$$% get your change
Use your brain do your thang, gotta let your nuts hang
Playa get all you can get, back out the dope game

I'ma ball till I fall, stand tall through it all
When my click go shopping, knock the bricks out the mall
Shining bright like a light, fans say I'm out of sight

Cause I spit live %#@!, when I step up to the mic
My game'll break a dike, my mouth piece raw
Ain't no rules taming me, I'm a $#&@ing Outlaw (*##$

[Hook x2]

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