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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Freestyle (track 4) lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Freestyle (track 4)"

Run it, ladies and gentlemen
Pimps hustlas, hoes and gangstas

We wanna welcome y'all out tonight
To these Boyz-N-Blue Outlawz, gangsta party baby
I'm your host for the evening, Killa Kyleon

Hit spinner, Killa all the above
Know I'm saying, got my ^!$$% Rayface behind me
Boys doing this thang, let's go run it uh

You might be nice, but I'm a whole lot better dog

You spit like a 22, I spit like a Baretta dog
I got a M-16, and don't work for Mrs. Thing
But when it bust, it'll paint your whole sweater dog

I'm a track rat, looking for the cheddar dog
Get a fine dime, so I can pull it out and let her slob
You ^!$$%z gotta rob, Kyleon make paper

Like a Xerox machine, you ^!$$%z gotta take paper
I $#&@ bad chicks, y'all gotta date rape her
And I make her have her change her heart, like a pace maker

I'm a cake maker, Pillsbury Dough Boy
So if your do' low, your %#@! need to grow boy
But why you in them streets, concentrating on getting that first dolla

Killa's in the booth, getting mo' dog
I'm not a hoe dog, by now you should know dog
Instead of keep asking Rayface, can I flow dog

I know you see the badge, looking like a snow ball
Body covered in ice, like I walked through a snow fall
I'm having thangs, like a ^!$$% playing throw ball

But I'm small as $#&@, I'm trying to get some mo' dog
It's my time to shine, I just thought I'd show y'all
That I'm first in line, I'm coming befo' y'all

And you wondering why, these people ignore y'all
It's because of my flow, they act like they don't know y'all
My vocabulary's large, and your %#@! is so small

Your fan base is little, and my %#@! is so tall
I'm gon end the flow dog, call it quits
You looking for Tha Boss 2, here it is my %#@!

[Slim Thug]
I'm Slim Thug, for those that don't recognize this voice

And on these underground flows, I'm the people's choice
The chicks tell me when they see me, I make they panties moist
And it ain't got nothing to do, with the blue phantom Rolls Royce

When I pass they $$# up, they back-back that $$# up
They want the Boss to take they $$# home, and smack-smack they $$# up
I don't pass they $$# up, I snatch-sntach that $$# up

I send 'em out to the car, and pack-pack they $$# up
Then I take 'em to the pad yeah, do her bad yeah
Hit from the back pull her hair yeah, then I share yeah

I'm a pimp I don't care, yeah I work these hoes
I make these (*##$es turn tricks, till I hurt these hoes
Now give me lea-way, it's Slim Thee Day

I drop the top on the SL, on the freeway
Do it the G way, smoke till I can't see straight
In the hood I got more customers, than EBay

You know how we play, them Blue Boys out the North
Sir, Killa, C. Ward, Lil Mel and the Boss
Where you at Dirty South, put your hands up

And if you ball like we ball, put your grands up
Eastcoast Westcoast, put your hands up
And if you ball like we ball, put your grands up ^!$$%

[Sir Daily]
It's the Boyz-N-Blue year, in that 0-4

We bust the clock on the game, and leave the sco' so
Yeah hot stats and numbers, spit raps that stun ya
We don't take small bills, bring these stacks in bundles

Pockets swoll and fat, Outlawz underground
Wreck the beat, they think we stole the track
Hoes peeping when I flip, how I control the Lac

Feeling good off the green, cause I blow the sack
Yeah I got them Davin's, windmilling on the freeway
Known to leave a ^!$$% scratched up, like a DJ

So who's tipping, when you see the blue dripping
On buck screens stuck, glock nine Rug' ripping
It's none other than we, showing gloss
When we floss in the drop, or the SUV
Hit that Northside of Houston, I'll let you see

That everything we spit real, when we wrecking these beats

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