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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Freestyle (track 16) lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Freestyle (track 16)"

Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlawz
Boyz-N-Blue, H-Town to N.Y

[Slim Thug]
Reintroducing from Houston, Slim Thug the Boss

Not from N.Y., but in my city I rep the North
Down South I'm popular, in the streets and the hood
But even when I'm in the East, my people treat me real good

And the West got much respect, for the boy Slim Thugger
I connected across the states, with all the hustlers
Most folks say they $#&@ with me, cause they know I keep it real

One of the richest independent rappers, without a deal
And still I keep it G, cause basically that's me
And everything I speak on, when you see me you'll see

And I ain't gon lie I never killed, and I prolly never will
But I'll send ^!$$%z to your crib, and tell 'em send me the bill
My bank account well over a mill, and it feel real good

But I still got more hustle, than most ^!$$%z in the hood
I just had to quickly brief you, and properly greet you
I'm Slim Thugger, New York it's a pleasure to meet you

I'm a menace to society, like Caine and O-Dog

I keep it so gangsta, when I'm bringing the flow dog
I'm highly anticipated, like a fiend when he bringing the blow dog
So you bet' not back-do' me, if I'm speaking befo' y'all

I can spit a few verses, that'll weaken your flow dog
You're not that nice, I been peeping your flow dog
Cause I'm not the type of ^!$$%, to bow down to the cunt black

I can go off a weak beat, even a crunk track
I'm finna to start making rappers, bar they contracts
I'm a G five apple mack, you more like a come back

I'm the ^!$$% that your main gal, keeping in contact
I knock her down daily, you ain't hit for a month flat
Since Kyleon came, I done stained ^!$$%z brains

I got 'em all listening, to the game's Mark Twain
I'm the %#@! from 2-49, to Hiram-Clarke mayn
I'm what they banging in Benzes, and in they parks mayn

I can rock a fella, like Oschino and Sparks mayn
Bust 'em up, body bag 'em outline 'em in chalk mayn
Cause I'm a threat to these ^!$$%z, like weapons of mass destruction

Cause we keep undergrounds, in mass production
So you better watch, who your (*##$ $$# discussing
Cause you don't want a hollow point bullet, to pass your buttons

I ain't fin to put a bullet, in your $$# for nothing
Just in case that you thought, Kyleon $$# was bluffing

It's your boy Jamming $$# Joe
Keeping it going, going down going live

Like that chere, I'm up in this
Mother$#&@ing Hogg, but we done turned
It into Funk hoe, I got mother$#&@ing

Yellow $$# tied up, duct taped over there
He ain't goin be going nowhere for a while
T-Pop had to step out, and do his lil' thang

His lil' smoke break, you know how he do it
But I want y'all to make sure
Y'all go pick up that Boyz-N-Blue

On April 13th brah, when it come out
It's Jamming $$# Joe, moving out

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