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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Freestyle (Track 14) lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Freestyle (Track 14)"

PJ game over, got my mind on a Rover
I'm a Boss Hogg soldier, getting colder and colder

No syrup in my soda, man I gotta stay sober
It's my time to blow up, act bad and show up
Slim Thugger the Boss, Rayface the Don

I'm a 7-90 repper, trying to stack up my funds
We the Boyz N Blue, who the $#&@ are you
#[email protected] cake fake ^!$$%z, can't compete with my crew

When we hit the parking lot, everything looking good
From the candy to the chrome, from the leather to the wood
Northside my hood, ^!$$% I ain't plexing

Got homies on the Southside, collecting and wrecking
We be strutting and cutting, 84's and buttons
Running with some made ^!$$%z, I ain't wanting for nothing

I done paid my dues, I refuse to lose
I'm a dark slim ^!$$%, taper fade tattoos
Microphones I abuse, go spread the news

Young wild mother$#&@er, (*##$ I do what I choose
Steady climbing the ladder, squashing all the chatter
Boy that broad that you with, I done already had her

And it really don't matter, if she black or she red
If she hop in my whip, she gon give me some head
From H-Town to New Orleans, got hoes galore

Bang so many dime pieces, man my dick head's sore
Time to stack up my ends, keep setting my trends
In that Maybach Benz, with two Fillipene twins

Desert eagle in my lap, I ain't taking no loss
Run up on my whip, and get your head blowed off
I'm a gangsta, young thug ^!$$%

And yo I don't play, when it comes to my scrilla
Let me tell you this, better stay in line hoe
$#&@ with PJ, I put a tag on your toe

Down for the robbing, ^!$$% straight mobbing
Spit the type of %#@!, that keep your $#&@ing head bobbing
Live a G life, feeling real nice

If I do it once, then I can do it twice
Cold like ice, I'm rolling with the best
Bay with the zets, what's with the cres'

PJ (*##$, I represent for the cause
Game on lock, Boss Hogg Outlawz 7-90 click ^!$$%

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