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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Dope Man lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Dope Man"

We fin to ball this year (what else)
Get money, gon crawl this year (what else)

Yeah, uh, yeah, hey-hey-hey


Dope man dope man, I'm the [email protected]%!e man
On the block, like an old [email protected]&@e can
A-1 dope, that'll burn your throat man

I'm not Rakim, so I ain't a choke man
They call me Pablo, the cat that supply blows
The ^!$$%iyyou need see, when you trying to buy blow

I got the %#@! to steal fo' kill fo', ride fo'
Take from your mother, your brother you cry fo'
Beat a ^!$$% up, let a [email protected]#% fly fo'

Like a piece of good #[email protected], you'd love to try mo'
You $#&@ed up, but you gon deny your high though
To have an excuse so, you could go and buy mo'

Your hope for dope, suck a dick for a hit
Turn a few tricks, just to get a quick fix
This some sick %#@!, ^!$$%z bleed for the cheese

But the $#&@ed up part about it, is I feed ^!$$%z needs
I'm the dope man..

Need weed, need drank (I'm the dope man)
Need stracks, need crack (I'm the dope man)

A fifty pack or whole sale (I'm the dope man)
A whole block, or whole zone (I'm the dope man)
You need it, I got it (I'm the dope man)

I got it, you could get it (I'm the dope man)
I'm fin to grind, on the block
I'm a dope man, mother$#&@er

[Slim Thug]
I do my magic, anything you need I have it

From a brick to a nick', to some what you have it
I'm your pusher man, yeah you understand
I got five hundred grand, buried in the sand

I ain't playing, and a ^!$$% never was
These dick sucking punks out here, gon respect the Thug
I'm like man, who the $#&@ y'all suppose to be

I'm the Boss, you O.G.'s sco' from me
Bring your do' to me, @@#! sucker
I own your block, you young dumb mother$#&@er

I'm in the kitchen, with my game face on
Making this cocaine, change to a stone
Rock for rock brick for brick, soft to hard

Your boy get it on, on the Boulevard
I'm a hustler, believe that baby
It's the Boss Slim Thug, getting cash on the daily


I move work off of blocks, and stones
I hit the blocks and roam, I move work when I rock the zone

Pack of fans approach my hand, and cop the stones
With money and merchandise, they wanna swap for stones
When the block's on, I post up @@#! my chrome

But if I spot cops, I'ma drop the stone
The block's on like light switches, to day to night switches
I'm serving out packs, of white (*##$es

[Slim Thug]

When I'm close to that border, close to that border
I got what you need, homie place your order
For a low nice price, I'll change your life

I got snow brown or white, I'll have you right
Got them out of state plates, on my Benz
Thanks to my out of state friends, Slim getting his ends

I'm stacking bread, you heard what the $#&@ I said
Trunk full of big heads, mother$#&@ the FEDs, I'm the..


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