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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Call Me PJ"

Call me PJ, and I need it in my life [x2]


They call me PJ, and I need it in my life
Think you can $#&@ with me, I suggest you think twice
Tuck in your ice, I'm doing bad and I mean it

Just lost a key player, but it seems like I'm dreaming
Rest in peace Bugaloo, we gon shine for you daddy
From the worst to the worst, we gon grind for you daddy

Hell naw I ain't happy, this flow is pain
Everytime I hear your name, dog it $#&@ with my brain
And the block ain't the same, without you crawling on 4's

Balling in the butt-naked, having fun with the hoes
From Connections to Max's, the platinum it's on
7-90 click number one stunner, boy you gone

But you not forgotten, Boss Man we ain't stopping
Bumper unlocking, all the [email protected]#%s still bopping
Damn this %#@! hurt, with your picture on a shirt

Almost lost my damn mind, when they put you in the dirt
I gotta do it big, stack paper to the ceiling
Pull capers pimp hoes, Rap Hustler dope dealing

You ^!$$%z playing games, on these fake Sprewells
You ^!$$%z don't deserve, to be out the detail
^!$$%z screaming platinum, but it's really white gold

^!$$%z touch some cash, and go marry white hoes
PJ baby, I ain't tripping on no wife
If you wanna $#&@ with me, gotta put it in my life

I ain't tripping, po' the drank and get to sipping
Sliding down the Boulevard, lil' ^!$$% big pimping
Breaking hoes changing clothes, play the game how it go

Pushing wide body low's, no mo' swanging 4's
In the mix throw fits, X'ing haters off my list
It's Sprite and coedine, I ain't $#&@ing with the Cris'

PJ I'm the %#@!, so you hoes better learn
Big money what I earn, 24's gon turn
Put a hundred on my neck, put fifty in my mouth

Bling bling mother$#&@er, how we do it down South
(*##$ you rolling with a Boss, top down when I floss
Put my mama in a house, no wife no spouse

Cop the Range Rover, let em know the game over
AK on my shoulder, I'm a Boss Hogg soldier
Looking for a dick blower, to give me some brain

In the game having thangs, Outlaw bringing pain
Showing out in the lot, working made it to the top
Air shocks make it hop, pockets got a fat knot

When the club let out, then we pimp the parking lot
Balling 3-6 now, then we hit that I-Hop
Gone on that X, hoes wanna have sex

Got that nine on my waist, for you boys holding plex
PJ get respect, PJ a real ^!$$%
Northside-Southside, tell me what's the deal ^!$$%

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