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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Boyz-N-Blue lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Boyz-N-Blue"

Boyz-N-Blue, straight at you
Now tell me, what are you gonna do [x2]

When we come at you

Uh, uh, uh..

[Sir Daily]
I break the microphone with ease, it's a gift to me

I treat the track like a pigeon, just pimp the beat
Daily sounds banging loud, like a symphony
You fake ^!$$%z trying to mack, it's just sense to me

I'ma keep it on the real, bout this Hogging life
Everyday we chasing scrill, trying to ball for life
Keep the money on my mind, number one all time

Other dummies gonna wine, when we come out shining
It's plain and simple, I'ma get this do'
Kick a ^!$$% in his face, like I kick his do'

Spit a ^!$$% in the face, like I spit this flow
Daily riding solo, known for spending his do'
I'ma hit this hoe, then change locations

Cause I'm hungry for the green, so I stay's impatient
Green light on the mic, I'ma change the nation
Sir Daily on the mic, so don't change the station


Killa nice with his hands, like Vince Dasene
Keep a semi with a light, that's named Prince Hakim

Get more respect than a king, and a prince you seen
I heard you nice with the mic, gotta convince my team
I wreck every beat I'm on, cause it's my duty mayn

Make a hit and don't say %#@!, like Putie Tang
I can hit a chick and don't pay %#@!, it's big pimping
Rock and handcuffing or saving a trick, you big sissy

So pay me what you owe me, on the block
I put this part up to your Cavaliers, I'm like Kobe with the glock
Or Obi-One-Kinobi, with the glock

Cause I put the beam to your head, and rob you ^!$$%z blind
When you blink, and your bread in
Have you ^!$$%z hollering, and scream

When you scared in, a hospital bed
And you dream that you dead, but you're not
Get you shot glock, shot when it's popped

Then it's @@#!ed and unlocked, from the top


[Slim Thug]
It's grind time, I'm feeling like this is my prime

I got a lot of %#@! on my mind, when I put it down
I'm trying to put seven circles, behind my dolla signs
And push a drop top, that's hand designed

With a B on the behind, floss like a boss
Valet park it, run up my penthouse
I'm hungry, tired of being Starving Marvin

Had to hit Interscope, and tell Jimmy let's bargain
The Dirty South Arching, belong to us
It's us Boyz-N-Blue, leaving boys in dust

In God we trust, cause he down with us
My whole team supreme, hot boys sped up
Slim Thugger, the Slim Thug that I am

So gangsta, cause that's how my brain was programmed
It's the Boss, ^!$$%z best respect my fam
Or catch bullets in they flesh, till my Tech 9 jam


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