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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Before Yo Eyes lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Before Yo Eyes"

PJ uh, the Rap Hustler (Boss Hogg Outlawz)
In your face (Outlawz)

We make the rules in the mother$#&@ing streets ^!$$%
It's been a long time coming, here I go

Live before your eyes, PJ the Rap Hustler
My whole damn life, a young ^!$$% had to struggle

Now I'm thinking Coupes, windows bulletproof
It's not just me, my whole team is the truth
^!$$%z acting funny, cause they know I'm getting money

But I don't give a damn, put the drugs down dummy
^!$$%z wanna sip, pop pills and smoke dope
And wonder why the next day, they $$# flat broke

Gotta use your brain, if you plan to maintain
Still selling caine, till I bleed the rap game
Money ain't a thang, getting cash by the stacks

Rolling in them slabs, or them ESV Lacs
In the game too deep, no surrender no retreat
Money hungry lawyer, all cases getting beat

^!$$%z broke and they weak, that's why they love to hate
You (*##$ made ^!$$%z, so fraud and fake
Put some food on my plate, it's time for me to eat

Boss Hogg Outlawz, running the streets
9-mili what I'm packing, when I'm rolling on the Davin's
One in the chamber, when I'm flossing on them swangas

I'm a Northside ^!$$%, got some Southside friends
(*##$ I ain't plexing, yo I'm all about my ends
Hoes get $#&@ed, and kicked to the curb

No time for these broads, cause they get on my nerves
Stepping with my weapon, Houston what I'm repping
Five G's a verse, big faces I'm collecting

Money over (*##$es, sixteen switches
That's how a ^!$$% live, when you all about your riches
Ever since a kid, it's been in me to shine

When it's war I pray to God, tell him show me a sign
I'ma keep chasing bread, till I'm dead and gone
PJ the Rap Hustler in your face, (*##$ it's on

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