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BORDERLANDS : Social Contract feat. André Maques from Another Day Will Come lyrics

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BORDERLANDS lyrics : "Social Contract feat. André Maques from Another Day Will Come"


Ripping apart the womb

Into this treachery
No conscious, no reason
There's no dignity

You're marked, you're labeled
Another pawn, another toy in their hands
The fire that wakes you at night burns your delusions

Your delusions of an uncertain truth
Misguided souls, bound to apathy
Awaken Dreamers, no sense no sympathy

Desolate the confines of your path
Rejected ones keep walking away from the roots of decades
We will find the key to open your locked mind

Hidden behind malevolent plans
In this place, the will of change to corrupt the silence
Of this ripped, out tongues

Of this ripped, out tongues
Take me back to the days that I never lived before
(I never lived before)

Take me away from this sinking future
We're getting deeper; we're getting deeper and deeper into the sea

[Feat. André Marques]
An eye for an eye
You are all half-bred and not even human

Why would I listen or give a single $#&@ about you
Your bankruptcy draws high believe me, leave my sight
I'll keep a steady eye for whatever happens in here

(Like said before) I can feel your fear
All you scum aren't even worth the paper you're writing in


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