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BOONDOX lyrics : "Walking After Midnight"

Out after midnight searching lurking hurtin howlin at the $#[email protected] moon I watch the neighbors close they curtains turing out the porch lights and I don't even know why on a stroll alone ain't like nobody gonna die I'm jut lookin for the answes to the questions that I'm askin
More lost then when I started darting to me time is pasting barly grasping to the moment and a rational thought and this prescription in my pocket got me feelin disstrot it's just a matter of time I feel that my brains goin vacant what the $#[email protected] is goin on I'm like an alzheimers patient

And this situation it's like Deja vu I wish I had an explanation and I pray I knew
How I got to where I'm goin what I'm teyin to find for my sanity but I lost my $#[email protected] mind nowhere to be found I think I need some $#[email protected] help
Walking after midnight and I'm searching for myself

[Violent J:]
Right foot over left

Left foot over right
I let my dog out to piss
In the middle of the night

In my backyard illuminated by the moonlight
Was a woman in a haze
From the back shes lookin tight

Worry not he don't bite
But why are you in my yard miss
She waved me on to follow

And then ran into the darkness
All I had on was slippers
But still I gave chase

Following an angel
And yet to see her face
With ease she passes through trees

Her gown blows in the breeze
I'm stomping through puddles
And straching up my knees

Please tell me your name
And where the hell were headed
To the cemetery where the answers are imbedded

On her tombstone
She's home
She stoped runnin

I've finally cought up
And was about to ask somethin
When she turned around a demoned

A snake for a tounge
And it bit me
Food for the dead I've become

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
What dig a liging nothing in my drowers

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