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BOONDOX lyrics : "Torn Possession"

I can hear heaven calling but I can't find my way
I can feel myself falling but I can't find my way

Angels in my ear tellin' me "don't let go"
Demons in my ear tellin' me to "let go"
When I'm fightin' for my soul and they both want control

I'm surrounded by the dark become a stranger to the light
Put all my hopes into the fact that everything would be alright

But as I sit here crippled nervous in a state of shock
Times become my enemy I'm staring at a broken clock
And every hour on the hour some thing strange is taking place

Apparitions on the wall voices and my soul is raped
I can't explain it am I burnin' in that fire pit?
Has the devil come to claim what's his for all the times I needed %#@!?

I tried sleeping but still I could feel it creepin
Call off the deacon bloods leakin' right from the ceiling
I hear the rain fallin' tappin' on my window sill

Shadows crawling babies crying make it all seem so surreal
And what's that tickin' in my head
I know for sure that I ain't dead

If that's the case then why the $#[email protected] am I still sittin' in my bed
I'm tryna scream but no sounds so I'm reachin' for the phone
I need to call some one right now to tell me what's goin' on


Seven days and nights go by and I ain't seen the $#[email protected] sun
Layin' here surrounded by a priest some crosses and a nun
Speakin' in a foreign language but I seem to understand

Crucifix is burnin' flesh right when they placed it in my hand
Holy water feels like torture fallin' on my head
Demons whisper in my ear don't worry son your almost dead

Moms cryin' daddies packin' pictures flyin' off the wall
I can hear my grandma speak in tounges somewhere down the hall
(backwards talk)

Next thing I noticed I'm wakin' up I'm in an empty room
Some what unfamiliar was I sleepin' in an empty tomb
And then a light from up above

I heard a voice filled with love
A lady dressed all in white I didn't who she was
And I can't explain the calm

After the shock pain in my arm
All I know is I feel warm and I don't care what's goin' on

[Chorus ]


Demons demons demons [backwards talk]

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