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BOONDOX lyrics : "Love/Hate"

Lookin' out across the crowd, see painted faces all around me,
Movin' to that %#@! I'm sayin', bouncin' to that bass that's poundin'
Y'all know my lyrics, spit that %#@! just like you $#[email protected]' wrote it,

Never can deny a Juggalo's the one that's most devoted,
I see y'all on the streets and reppin' for they common scrub,
Hatchetman on windows tinted, reppin' for that family love,

Up in the mall with my kids, and y'all don't know it's Dox,
Still you see the chain, the tat, a shirt, and stop to show the props,
Walkin' to the Conoco, grab some %#@! befo' the show,

Parking lot of hatchet rides, I see that line of Juggalos,
It's world renown, the Faygo flyin', screams of family,
I love y'all mutha$#[email protected] y'all the ones that set my soul free.

[Chorus (x2):]
You can't hate us 'cause,

We don't give a $#[email protected],
Bump that wicked sound,
Rock a $#[email protected]' hatchet and we represent the underground.

I see some %#@! don't change, haters voicing every minute,
They see the paint, the clothes, the 'Los and they don't $#[email protected]' get it,

I see the news, and read reviews, and start the loadin' blocks,
(*##$es talkin' %#@!, they got me loadin' quarters into socks,
I know the way it is, and knowin' that I $#[email protected]' feel ya',

Wanna murder masses, kill they $$#es $#[email protected]' with familia,
But they won't break us, "$#[email protected] The World', just like the clowns said
Rep' the hatchet, Psychopathic, 'til my body's found dead,

We got the shows, the music, %#@! that they can't take away,
We run the underground, so $#[email protected]' 'em what they got to say?
Just throw yo' middles up, and let the hoes know where they stand,

This %#@! ain't 'bout no money, (*##$, this %#@! is more than just a brand.

[Chorus 2x]

The ones that know it, feel it, keep it and they won't forget it,
This thing ain't dyin', it ain't fadin' 'cause they just won't let it,

Y'all take the punches, hear the haters, I know what you're feelin',
I was there not long ago, I know that %#@! and what you're dealin',
But $#[email protected] we Juggalos, so they can all just go to hell,

We got the pride, the love, the scrubs, so $#[email protected]' em go to hell,
Just keep them hatchets swingin', screamin', always keep it wicked,
Keep one in the chamber for them $#[email protected]' hatin' sons of (*##$es.

You can't hate us 'cause,
We don't give a $#[email protected],

Bump that wicked sound,
Rock a $#[email protected]' hatchet and we represent the underground!

Rock a $#[email protected]' hatchet and we represent the underground!

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