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BOONDOX lyrics : "Love Of My Knife"

Love me tender, love me true
Guess what she's goin do to you

Flesh & steel she'll take your life
All because the love of my life is a knife
Love me tender, love me sweet

Cuts right down to the white meat
Flesh and steel she'll take your life
All because the love of my life is a knife

The only thing up on my mind is how to get this (*##$ undressed
She like a new toy straight up out the wrapper

Thinkin bout the situation got the butterflies
Im laughin like a hyena and no she aint shy neither
Everybody that she see will be dyin when they meet her

With a long lean body baby built to perfection
Love lookin at her cause I'm seein my reflection
Bringin out the best of me always sittin next to me

Just thinkin about her in my hands its almost as close as sex to me
She keeps my heart beatin like a high school drum
I cant wait till I get home from work so we can spend some time

She's lying there when I'm pullin back the cover
And its just only me & her but this cant work without another
So its gonna be a late night my (*##$ is on a mission

Lookin for the next victim about to make this proposition


Started off the night up at the tops & tails
(*##$ be sittin off the deck & so we hoppin rails

Cause my babygirl hot we gotta keep that low profile
And what we bout to do could be considered sick & so vile
Make a straight line up to the VIP

A stripper lady named Mercedes & my girl & me
She started dancin for the money lookin so divine
And when my honey touched her skin it sent a shiver up her spine

Lookin at me kinda crazy soundin slightly bold
Askin why the $#[email protected] my touch be so hard & cold
So I'm lookin at her back but didn't open my mouth

Because I knew that it was time to turn this $#[email protected] [email protected]^% out
Now I'm starin at her [email protected]%$ feelin something like a sinner
Almost didn't even know thats when my (*##$ just slid up in her

And now its something like a threesome and I'm suckin on her breasts
While my baby got her###min cause she's $#[email protected] her to death
My girl the best




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