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BOONDOX lyrics : "Lady In The Jaguar"

(feat. ICP)

[Verse 1:]

It was late one night in the 4-0-4
I was gone off that water chillen on the front porch

I was lean back laxin in puffin on some swag
When this (*##$ came up in a tight $$# jag
She pulled right in the driveway bumpin' Clint Black

We she stepped to the ride i had to take a step back
She had long blonde hair and an $$# that wouldnt quit
[email protected]^% fallen all out becuz her shirt didnt fit

Started walkin up to me and she dropped the keys
Kneeled down to pick 'em up and all i saw was g-string
#[email protected] lips hangin' out and it was the %#@!

Now im sprung on a (*##$ in a XJ6

[Chorus 2x]

[Violent J]
Hey lady in the Jaguar
[Shaggy 2 Dope]

How'd you get you so much money
What u doin' out here, down there, 'roud here

[Violent J]
Hey lady in the Jaguar
[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Who u trying to impress
What u doin' out here, down there, 'roud here

[Verse 2:]
[Violent J]

It was jumpin' down town on a Saturday night
I was wipin' car windows on the corner street light
She was parlayin' on a money green Jaguar

She locked the door
Now whatcha' do that for?
I could see she had a dead fox chillin on her shoulder

Blonde highlight hair her face a little older
I knocked on the windshield and kissed the glass
I think I probably scarred a dune out of her $$#

But shepeeled my wig back and offer me a ride
Smiled at a Juggalo and told me "get inside"
Im like, "hell yeah (*##$, you old rich freak"

I went to get inshe peeled off and ran over my feet


[Verse 3:]
[Shaggy 2 Dope]

O %#@!, who that?..rollin' down the block
Another closet smoker lookin' for some rock
The Jag pulled up and the window rolled down

"I'm lookin for the infamous Shaggz The Clown"
I tried to say "what up" but before i had the chance
I seen her camel toes trying to push through her pants

So i said "come here (*##$" she said "What fo'"
She grabbed me by the pants and open up the do'
She pulled out her [email protected]%$ said she likes kinky stuff

If i wanted the neden I had to put on these handcuffs
She cuff me to the seat "A yo' what the hell"
She said "I'm taking u in for jumpin' your bell"

[Chorus 2x]

[End Hook:]
How'd u get you so much money
Who you trying to impress

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