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Bonnie Tyler : Stubborn lyrics

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Bonnie Tyler lyrics : "Stubborn"

Loving yous not easy, you make me fall to pieces
So many times the pieces just don't fit
I say I'm on my way out, the truth is I still stick around

Is it love or just a sick obsession


Like a pitbull under attack
I won't back down no I'll never make a uturn
Cos when it comes to you I'm stubborn!

Like a fighter down for the count
I'll get back up and stand my ground, cos I'm not done
Cos when it comes to you I'm stubborn!

Loving yous not easy, I tell you this sincerely
I guess it says more about me... inaudible

But sometimes you notice that your my only focus
No matter what you put me through


You know it's so wrong, I guess it's more I'll ever learn

I should be longer, longer!

CHORUS (just pitbull line)

I dig my heels along the way, you and everyone says to one
Cos when it comes to you I'm STUBBOOORN!


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