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Bonnie and The Treasures : Home Of The Brave lyrics

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Bonnie and The Treasures lyrics : "Home Of The Brave"

The school board won't
Let him come to school no more
(No more, mo more, no more)

Unless he wears his hair
Like he wore it before
(Wear his hair like he wore it before)

The PTA and all the mothers
Say he ought to look like the others

Home of the brave, land of the free

Oh, why won't they let him be
What he wants to be

The kids all laugh at
His hair and funny clothes
(They know they hurt him so)

And more than once
He's gone home with a bloody nose
(With a bloody nose)

He's not like them
And they can't ignore it

So they all hate him for it

[Repeat CHORUS]

He never hurt nobody
That he? belong

Cause he's a little bit different
Tell me why is that so wrong

Everybody says that
I should take his part
(No, no, no, no, no, no)

But when they put him down
How it breaks my heart
(It breaks my heart)

Instead of all the trouble they hand him
Why don't they try to understand him

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]

He never hurt nobody
Why won't they let him be
What he wants to be

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