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BOLZER : The Great Unifier lyrics

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BOLZER lyrics : "The Great Unifier"

Unifier to everything, divider of nothing

Divider to everything, unifier of nothing

Break them into shapes that fit the plan

The sculptor, the great unifier
Drown them in the sea of awakening
The saviour, the great unifier

Transition besieging your coil
Relinquish your body unto ethereal soil

My transaction is binding, clauses obsolete
A lightening delivery,
Sweeps you off your feet

Acceptance is to be advised
For all destinations are long since defined

If you wish to rebuke my flexible terms
Deem yourself worthy of worm-ridden earth

Inner calm, outer storm
My demons seeketh rest
Amidst cold, raging times

I am but a demon at best

This calm cannot last

Myself seeketh me
Outside warm, peaceful times
A man I must be

The great sanctifier, shadow-clad fist
The quantum curator, dancer in the mist

The grand neutralizer, in figure of eight
The sword in the seed, your fate germinate

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