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BOBBY ZOOMZ : WebCam Rap ft.Casey Kuffs lyrics

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BOBBY ZOOMZ lyrics : "WebCam Rap ft.Casey Kuffs"

Shootin like the columbine bodies fall like its autumn time
Kuffs the reason for the dis-alignment in your daughters spine
Off the molly water higher than a flying saucer I

Rob you take the loss or die you don't wanna hear the mossberg cry
better remember the kids that never been giving a $#&@
we be puttin an end to your sin plus you and your friends b runnin outa luck

$#&@, all you $#&@s dumb suckers
have your wife suckin on my dick, kuffs, aint no one bucker

Imma crazy dumb $#&@er (*##$ its Bobby Zoomz
I'm in the room with shrooms your doom is comin soon
come to the saloon around noon bring all your goons

Kuffs and Zoomz real life you just cartoons
a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do
feed me and my family at the cost of you

remember when i had those talks with you
put it in action time to slaughter dudes

put it in action , get to acttackin spray the mac and make'em backflip
acrobatics, stick to your survival tactics
step to us in rap and theres ur casket

my bad (*##$ so ratchet she'll take a hatchet to your back and hack it until it collapses
and my thoughts are on some abstract %#@!
so evil there darker than black magic and you can have it

im putting a blade to the beat to stab it and stab it and stab it
killing the track show these rappers im there dad

$#&@ mathematics i feel that raps static
so im tryna get back at it but im asthmatic
and have a crack addict livin in my dads attic

your $#&@in acts tragic i just made this track savage
you hearin all these scary lies like we break in and terrorize
you while you paralyzed feelin everything aware and alive

gasping cause your air deprived i laugh when you got scared and cried

shove ten of the bendryl in them hoes, im in the

cut like penysilan , just a villian with some hope
my flow explodes like a missile goes
your (*##$ kisses my thick dick like my nose is a missile toe

6 6 6 , the devil dont even try to take my soul
sharpen up that crucifix run up and $#&@in take his own
no one matches caseys flows ill grab the game and take it home

kids my age be taking notes , cold and the case is closed

You cant see me like im Batman in Colorado get shot up, and critics still applaud yo

wrote this %#@! half cut off a cold bottle lifes a $#&@in gamble i call it lotto
i got aspects to cash checks and snap necks
sacrifice you like Aztecs to protect my objects

you dont know the effects of a bad rep who to suspect or whats next

when she choking i slit her throat open to watch my head poking

bend over, and the bed is red and soaking
benz rovers raris, all there rims get stolen
take you down like pins in bowling and im rolling

im not blind like masses is got six eyes glasseses
masterin the adjectives add a dash of pacifist

an advocate for activists a candidate for bandit %#@!
make you wanna slash your wrists ponder life abandon it
listen to what i am spittin you softer than kitten

im not even kiddin so i gotta be switchin
up my flow im so dope should go up your nose
and so cold like 40 below

and im an icicle Bobby got the nicest flow

Trust , i put my dick up in your birch and then I

Thrust, wait till i need to nut pull out and
Bust, then im like trust
your (*##$ sniffin pixie dust lean in my dixie cup

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