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BOBBY WILLS : If It Was That Easy lyrics

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BOBBY WILLS lyrics : "If It Was That Easy"

He stood at the plate
With his bat held high
Lost the next pitch

To the blue summer sky
I guess everyone would
If it was that easy

She's singing on stage
In the bright spotlight

Brings a crowd to their feet
Every night
Yeah we'd all be a star

If it was that easy

Anyone could throw a touchdown

From their own easy-chair
It's a whole different game
When it's you out there

You can stand there on the sideline
And know what you need to do
But everything changes when the pressures on you

Everybody keeps saying:
"You've gotta move on,

What's done is done,
It's over man,
Don't you know that girl is gone?"

I'd have done that long ago
If it was that easy

Yeah I'd be way on down the road
If it was that easy

I know I need to let it go
Put it in the past
There's lot of other fish out there

Lots of granite grass

It ain't no hill full of climbing

Really no big deal
Nothing that a little time
Won't heal

From the outside looking in
You think you know what I should do

It's a hell of a lot harder
When you're standing in my shoes
She'd be ancient history

If it was that easy

I'd be long over her by now

Yeah, I would.

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