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Bobbi Martin lyrics : "For The Love Of Him"

When he opens the door, says I'm home
Be aware of the look in his eyes
They tell you the mood he's in

What kind of day it's been


For the love of him
Make him your reason for living
Give all the love you can give him

All the love you can

There'll be times

When he won't say a word
And you wonder if
It's something you said

A gentle touch of your hand
Tell him you understand

[Repeat CHORUS]

Little things he forgets to do

Have you told him today, I love you
When he reaches out, be there
Show him that someone cares

He's a man and a man has to try
Let 'em run, let 'em fall, let 'em cry

His world won't fall apart
If you take him into your heart

[Repeat CHORUS 3x to fade]

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