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BOB SEGER lyrics : "Downtown Train"

Outside the ? haw punched a hole in the night time
I .. from the window and look down to the street
And I am shining like a new ..

Downtown train is full all those purples moves
They try so hard to make out to the world
Wave your hand ..

There is nothing to capture your heart
They are just stones without ..
Be careful ..

Oh if I ask .. you chose to be here ..
Can't you hear me now
We are singing in the night

Oh the downtown train
Oh the night is just the same

Don't leave me alone tonight
.. I know your stair and your door way
I walked passed .. I stand by the light of the four way

You are watching .. baby we all have hard times
Will I see you tonight
On the downtown train

Oh every night .. it's just the same
.. oh baby the downtown train

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Thanks to scumpica_nico