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Blue Roses lyrics : "Greatest thoughts"

This is the fortress that I built
Cold and uninviting
You stumbled on its stones last night

Beneath the trailing ivy

These are the shoes that I had worn

When it was on that day last winter when
You left me frozen and forlorn
I swore I'd never know you better

But oh! You did not know me at all
'Til you had seen me fight

With the dead of the night
Still, you pulled me closer to your chest
You were the one that I liked best

But I always thought if someone loved me at all
They would give up the things that I detest

I know you'd never change a thing
Not for anyone or anything
But when you cannot spare an hour won't you

Spare a thought for a dying flower

But oh! Who really knows you at all

If you cannot talk of your greatest thoughts?

Still , you pulled me closer to your chest and you were the one that I loved best

So go to the fields and wait for me there
And I will show you the paths I used to tread

High on the hill where the rain came down
Punching it, holes in the cold hard ground, well
I stood in your shadow, I was

Jumping and starting at every sound

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa