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I feel it's time, to run away
And I feel so tired, but I can't stay
Everything I want to do it never seems to include you

Midwest dreams are crushed by fear, destroys my mind what can I find
If I run away. I won't be restrained.
Cut's through the day to fuel my hate, this place will mark my early grave.

I'll run away
Feeling insincere, you won't adhere
To anything we say, just contemplate

That every single move you make counts down the time to rewind
You have got the mind to know that when you try it truly shows that
You can run away. You won't be restrained. Cuts through your day to

fuel your
Hate this place will mark your early grave.
You can run away.

We will run away (never feel alone)
'Cause we wont be restrained (I won't be alone)
Cuts through our day to fuel our hate. This place will mark our early

We will run away.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa