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BLUE DELUSION lyrics : "Burlington"

You can take your things and go real far
I will sit right here play my lonely guitar for you

Diving in real fast makes you wanna step back
If you don't know the truth I know you will soon
I will sell my car, leave this awful state

We will sell our things leave it up to fate
Because nothing here is fine
Until you leave it all behind

A scapegoat up there, something we can both share
I will take my things and go real far
You can sit right there, play your lonely guitar for you

If you don't know by now then you've got no clue
I will stand by you and I'll tell the truth
If the land were sea then I'd be your salt

You would know by then that it's not your fault
Because everything is trite until you leave it all behind
The world is in our hands we just need one more chance

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa