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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space lyrics : "Eaters Of The Dead"

It was last Saturday night, and the moon shined bright
When a couple of freaks walked down the street
The already watched the newest gory horrormovie-trash

And so the were hungry for some rotten human flesh
Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Tim passed the cemetery

When they met him ? it was zombie-joe who said to them
"One of you is the winner to become my midnight-dinner"
Ref.: We are the eaters of the dead

But zombie-joe looked suddenly surprised
When the freaky crowd starred into his decayed eyes
They said: "we are the real eaters of the dead and for

Your second funeral it´s never too late!
Cook him ? roast him ? eat him raw, we wanna taste some
Zombie-sushi now"

The dead eat the living and the living eat the dead,
And zombie-joe cried out loud when they kicked his $$#
Ref.: We are the eaters of the dead

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