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BLOOD AND WATER lyrics : "Sleep It Off"

I can't give in to these thoughts of failing now,
I've put too much of myself over anyone.

Too late to turn back now,
but it's all the same -it never changes.
I was young, I was ahead of myself,

but now I've turned the page to find
the story carried on, as it has,
without me.

I can't remember how long my life has been this song:
"The world keeps moving faster, yet I keep right along."

For all these years I've wondered,
When this makes sense will we see what I've needed so long,
Was you to sing with me.

I work it up enough to bring it to all my friends,
Just to find I pushed away every one of them.

It's too late to turn back now,
But it's all the same, I never change.
As time goes by, you'll watch me try

To justify myself and sleep this feeling off.

You said "son, know who you are

Is not who you're going to be.
The road may be long, but we'll get there,
Put your cares on Me."

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Thanks to funkyjesusgirl