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BLONDE REDHEAD lyrics : "Pink Love"

I won’t bind my strings to you
But build my world besides you
Watching you draw a line

Some say you are, you are
Just like a butterfly
Whose broken wings will spread

To softly feel your mood
Over the blue sky full of you
Pink love, pink love, pink love

Just like a fairytale

My only reason naturally

Starts to get to me
Pushing my way through
Mesh of life

I want to kiss the sickness of mind
My heart without reason
Sunken to deep disappointment

Spreads over universe
With a knife
I want to bleed out distress like this

It’s not just a fairytale painted by me
It’s not just loneliness between you and I

If on magic mountain you find you can breath
Then stay and don’t look back
To the blue woven sky

Storms of petals are pouring down
Pushing their way through our pink love

So many polka dots painted by me
Spreads over universe for you
And I, I want to kiss

Pink love, pink love
I want to kiss
Pink love, pink love

In my mind
I state myself
The clock is ticking without you

Some may say illness
So called so called love
The sickness of mind

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa