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BLIND BOY FULLER lyrics : "I'm a rattlesnakin' daddy"

I woke up this morning : about half past four
Somebody knocking : on my back door
Yes he rattle this morning : about half past three

Half past four : he want to rattle some more
I got a range in my kitchen : bake bread nice and brown
Get my rattlesnake daddy : turn my damper upside down

I can rattle to the left : rattle to the right
My woman said I believe my rattlesnake daddy : can rattle
all night

I rattle every morning : till late at night
Reason why : my rattlesnake mama don't allow me out of
her sight

Now the old folks rattling : the young ones too
Ain't nobody rattle : just like the way I do
Yes I rattled this morning : about half past ten

Half past nine : I'm going to rattle again

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Thanks to alexandrap