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Blessthefall lyrics : "Don't Say Goodbye"

Do you remember when you lost hope
And faith in this world?
When will it change?

Don't say goodbye cause I know you can try to
Open your eyes it's all inside

You will wake from this nightmare
I know you'll find a better way
Now it seems like you're bleeding just to feel alive

Your arms always tell the story
And it looks like you're living just to pass the time
Digging deeper are you trying to find

Find the strength to carry on there is salvation
Keep holding on, keep holding

You've gone too far even though I know you're dying to let go
You've gone too far, you've given up
Now you have to tell yourself "where did you go wrong?"

And stop yourself from falling down
I can see you running, so far away
Don't you give up, don't give up

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa