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BLAKE SHELTON lyrics : "Hey"

Hey, Hey, I'm out here bailn' hay.
And all my friends are cruisin' 'round town.
Checkin' out pretty girls

Hey and what do they say
They say hey, hey, part that Deere
Come out and play, Kick that tire

Wipe my perspire
'Cause my whole life is hay.

Growin' like wheat
Stick out your teeth

Playin' underneath the baby Jesus
Blowin' out the truck
Headin' down the highway

Lookin' pretty soft up in the loft
Come on baby kick you cowgirls off
I'm pickin' you up after I draw my pay

And we'll be rollin' in the hay

Hey, hey, Ford, Dodge, Chevrlet

Different strokes for different folks
A little fella walks up in a pink beret
He says 'hey, well hey',

Hell that's OK
Turn the guitars up and raise them cups
Hell my whole life is hay.

Put it on a flatbed and go for a ride

Under the moonlight
You by my side
Give it to the cow

Make it go moo
Koo Koo kachoo
Kick it off your shoes

Break a camel's back
Then you put it in a stack yeah.

My whole life is hay

Rollin' in the hay

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa