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BLAKE MCGRATH lyrics : "Motion Picture"


Ill be the teacher
you be the student
all you gotta do is watch and learn

well be making love until we burn
Ima set your body on fire
Ima take you higher

than you've ever been before
your body I will explore


lets make a movie

gonna light your body up and yell action
you can be the star
Ima work you all night

lets make a movie
Its time to play your part
and give it all you've got

I never wanna stop

Verse 2

don't worry bout your makeup
I like you natural

let that sweat drip down your neck
I like it raw like that
second scene is up now

close up shot on you girl
your moment, don't lose it, stay on it
I know what you fantasize

I can see it in your eyes
tonight is your night



come closer baby
Ima show you a trick

gonna rock your body
get you motion sick
so sexy baby

you workin on me
cut, run it back for me
you ready

gonna rock gonna rock gonna rock gonna rock
your body babe
gonna take gonna take gonna take gonna take

it all the way
gonna rock gonna rock gonna rock gonna rock
your body baby

lights camera action


come on baby show me what your all about
climbing ya we climbing take it up right now

paparazzi on you when the sun comes out
baby take a bow

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