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BLAKE GRIFFIN lyrics : "Poetry In Motion"

alright gambino is the mastermind $#[email protected] a (*##$ to pass the time
mass appeal, orange rinds, smoke your green i'm spendin mine
the beat is witch's brew but beware this %#@! is potent

e-e###min on her face now that's poetry in motion
yeah gambino make it work, i'm the boss move sucka
yeah this cool $#[email protected]' suits me swag two button

yeah these girls be actin' crazy when they're dancin black swan
i ain't $#[email protected]' at the club, put ya clothes back on
yeah this beat is a disaster, 9/11 this track

rappers wanna battle me i have to mail they heads back
and my clique make that deniro so its time to meet the fockers
i am runnin' this (*##$ you are just a dog walker

leavin' with yo girl when we last seen each other
yeah you $#[email protected]' with the baddest like we tag team rihanna
fly girl on her knees, she don't wanna come near me

yeah my dick is too big there's a big bang theory
got her picture in my iPhone, what do y'all think ?
while y'all ^!$$%s [email protected](# i'm in the ariel pink

if i am just a rapper man you could've fooled me
i'm the %#@! when these dude talk they talkin' bull me

alright i'm down with the black girls of every single culture
filipino armenien girls on my sofa
yeah i like the white girls sometimes we get together

need a mixed chick though- so it's black and yellow black and yellow
love is a trip, but $#[email protected] is a sport
are there asian girls here ? minority report !

put your team on the map blake griffin on the court
^!$$%s bitin' off my tracks need a knife and a fork
we the illest, need a nurse here's the check grab your purse

unless we $#[email protected]' then i pay for all the food on the earth mayn
i got some #[email protected] that was insane so insane it's an enemy of batmayn
^!$$%s call me [email protected]$)got 'cuz they closet and i'm hot as %#@!

comin' out the backside of a rocket ship
it's sponsorship you dudes on the opposite of lochnesses
respond to this, we can squash the beef right now like sausages

chillin with my n words, say it like a white kid
yes your booty's big as hers, say that to my white (*##$
so she don't get embarrassed, my dick is made of carrots

bunnies wanting to be fed it i meant honey's oh forget it
i have worked all winter, i will not fail summer
in the back of a bush like gavin rossdale's drummer

yeah my sting is in the flower i hope she'll let me pollinate,
workin' hard as %#@! yeah this beat is made from concentrate
^!$$% can't you tell that my sample of adele

was so hot i got these hood ^!$$%s blowin up my sales
swagg out the $$# i'm the man $#[email protected] chico
took the g out ya waffle all you got left is your ego

think about it for a second man we eatin' wheres your breakfast ?
man you hungry ? have this sandwhich got my wallet cheese and lettuce
an elephant never forgets so my dick remembers everything

green inside your wallet is that #[email protected] open sesame
runnin' the game, $#[email protected] am i sayin ?
runnin' the earth, gimme a month

told all yall ^!$$%s i'm in it to win it 'cuz havin' an emmy just wansn't enough
you get sloppy drunk i stay whisky neat
my clique should be cancelled, freaks and geeks

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