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BLAIRE REINHARD BAND lyrics : "Song For Lauren"

Windy evening, all the sky is aglow
From a moon I never knew
She burns so beautifully that it aches in me

Cause the only thing missing is you

Woke in the morning with the sun on fire

She was smiling like new
And the world is as green as it's ever been
But the only thing missing is you

When the light pours through the shadows
When the bird sings through the storm

When we love without hesitation
The way you showed us how

When we throw our fears out to the endless sea
When we dance as freely as a child
When we gather here in our joy and in our tears

We'll always be thinking of you

Shine on us from Heaven as you did in life

And we'll try to understand
Why the Lord must need you even more than we do
The only thing He was missing was you

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa