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BLACKZ : Lost Without You lyrics

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BLACKZ lyrics : "Lost Without You"

Nothing left to lose, all I think about is you
Reminisce about the times, knowing that those times are through
Funny how we got close, never liked goodbyes

I can never seem to hide, from the pain that's deep inside

I've got nothing left to prove, so I'm all up in the booth

Writing lines and spitting rhymes, see I gotta tell the truth
All I ever had was you, now you've walked away
So there's not a lot to say, tryna find a brighter day

Now I'm spending time at home, maybe looking at my phone
But your name's not on my screen, so I'm feeling all alone

They say hearts are known to bruise, I can feel the ache
But I'll still show my smile, even though I know it's fake

Now I'm trying not to think, so I'm writing all these songs
Really tempting just to text, but I really know you're gone
If I ever did you wrong, girl I really wish you'd say

Now I'm feeling like Jay Sean, coz I'm asking you to stay, so I'm saying...


Never showed my stress, now I'm feeling in a mess
But I had to write this song, just to get this off my chest

Saw you with the wrong crowd, on my way to town
Now I'm gonna tell the truth, see it really got me down

You're the sweetest girl I know, but you've started popping pills
From the girl that had my heart, to the girl that's looking ill
And it really breaks my heart, knowing how you spend your days

But I took it on the chin, put my head down, walked away

So it's been a year now, and I've started fresh

Living in a new town, I've escaped the stress
Then I get back from work, and I hear the door
When the PC spoke, I just hit the floor

Now they told me you'd gone, passed away and died
That you'd had an OD, and your heart expired

So I sank to my knees, told him not to lie
With the tears in my eyes, and a lost goodbye


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