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Blackhorned lyrics : "Goatwar Ritual"

Master of the underworld rises his head.
Red Eyes glowing in the night.
Witches dancing 'round the fires.

Satanic priests are messing evil chants -
As the Goatlord of Hell rises his hands.
On the infernal throne he sits.

Master of hellfire - waiting to be served.
Surrounded by impaled heads of children.
Listening to the witches hauting chants.

Curse the bleeding hearts of the Angels!
The House of God must be destroyed!
In the name of Satan - let it begin!

Hell's unholy fire shall rule!
Forever Christians and angels shall weep!
Dying for our cause - supremacy!

Tonight os the night - ritual of war.
Goat-war of satanic hell-power - no-one will be spared!

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