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Blackalicious lyrics : "World Of Vibrations"

[Gift of Gab]
We'd like to welcome you all again to the world of vibrations

Introduction to the nation of revolutionary thoughts
Hear the sound evolve, expand, and change
Most of the things that we're sayin' haven't broken through your chatter

So y'all ^!$$%z still ego trip based and
Have not begun to taste the kundalini wisdom bliss
I'm droppin' as a lyric quotin' vessel for the stages

Play this on your play list
I like dough
But musically I'm transcendin' the physical

And don't blame me for the slang and the words
God writes these rhymes through me
I just listen to him

I'm just livin' duke
Matrix driven rules haven't fooled me
Cuz I still think abstract

And stay metaphysical
And challenge what is really real
And keep creatin' with the force to bring rap back

Not that it's away
But everybody got somethin' to say
So let me speak the opposite of what's hot now

And make that hot
So it will get exploited
And the corporation only will back dudes who bite my style

And they can try and try again
I've been influenced by a lot of pioneers
South to the East and West

But when a hot MC
Gets on stage with a real MC
Most of the time the situation gets hostile

[Chorus: Ledisi]
We vibrate at higher frequencies

Welcome to our world and intro to
Fall into a space
Where there is no thoughts

Just moments captured
Here we go

We vibrate at higher frequencies
Let us up inside your head
Just step inside our world of vibration

Bump this from your birth to your deathbed

[Gift of Gab]

Take time with the pad and the pen to dig within
In a world of BS that we're livin' in
To my ears music sound sweet as cinnamon

So I stay poundin' out tunes and tunes again and again
In the 5th chapter ladies and gentlemen
And I still got MCs on my dinner menu

Write late at night this isn't David Letterman though
On second thought, I'm like a letter man though
Let the craft evolve catch a little syndrome

Shootin' through your vains, vibratin' though your eardrums
Used to think 30 years old then the end comes
Now I feel like I'm just gainin' momentum

Seen the world two times all except for India
About to vacate there when we finish this one
Work hard but still some sweep

We won't mention them
In fact, they act as fuel for our engine
Engine engine number 9, mic lynchin'

When we're done with this these songs are our pension
MCs are puppets, Me, I'm Jim Henson
Take a squat or get chopped by the henchmen

City, town, state arena or convention
Please believe these the G's that ease pension
Rakka and Ev said that it's a marathon

Song after song, we keep on inventin'

[Chorus: repeats]

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