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Blackalicious lyrics : "If I May (feat. Lateef)"

[Erinn Anova (Chorus)]

Come along and reap

I need my song
We're climbin' over
Beneath the sea

March on
Time is almost gone
It's all in me

No maybe

[Gift Of Gab]

Here we go again
Slip into my conscience, come along an take in
A story bout a battle, in this corner, Satan

Cunning, baffling, and jumping into half the drink
And suddenly disasters and catastrophe
And acting unrationally

Reacting savagely
To passionately
Bask in everlasting like escapes from just what its creating

Jeopardizin' love
Look at all the people that you took advantage of
See your hypnotized

Rom be gone, take another cup
In consequences lurk
While the reaper got your shirt size

^!$$% wack up
Times overdue for the birth of a power that the universe grew from

[Chorus 2X]

[Gift Of Gab]

You search for the answers outside
Refocus causin' time and time again, backslide
You've noticed times before the presence of that "I"

But never did submit to it and let it apply
Whatever be his will in this present life time
Or essence like mine

Know the blessings you might find
If you let your higher power inside
Emerge and apply to every single thing in your balance

You will truly find
Who you really are
Die and become reborn

When God is present in your life than you can come reap on
And ain't a storm that you can't weather
You got a purpose you was born to create

Destiny is waitin' for you
Arms open, take with ya
Knowledge bestowed by the great giver

Lakes, rivers
Mountains and steams
Now reality's the dream wraitha

No more searchin' for truth that was always wit' cha
It had to hit ya through the struggle and the turmoil
Ya soul was planted and it sprouted out above soil

And let the sun shine freely down
At times it looked like it wouldn't
But the plant came to flourish

Now it's standin' on solid ground

[Chorus 2X]


Sun rises like water up in my eyes
I'm watchin' changing times but like a changing tide
Tryna to keep my head above the ed if I could be

[Lateef & Erinn Anova]

The sun rises like water up in my eyes
I'm watchin' changing times but like a changing tide
Tryna to keep my head up

Above the ed if I could be
If I may

[Chorus 4X]

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