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Blackalicious lyrics : "Dream Seasons"


2000 the season of

All the dreams that you're dreaming of

Trouble times that are easing off
Fill the world full of peace and love
All the souls that are reaching up

The song in time easing ya
To balance out that you even uh
All the thoughts that you thinking of

Inner world wisdom
Temporarily all the voice filled in

Light shining in the places that we're real 'an
Real 'nd body mind 'n spirit building
Delivering a scalping to a pilgrim

And throw a pow-wow when an indigenous man
Return to present through the womb of a big pen
Slipping back out is all of me I will be slipping

I'm on a journey to a whole other dimension
The deeper that I get I'm leaving comprehension
Envision a blur life is but a big spin

A music auras is another way you glimpsing


Even in the hard times
Feeling precious suddenly I feel the god-mind

I design put me back 'n line acting fine
If life is prison then the music is the yard time
It's all fine put my anger in a world rhyme

You won't forget 'em even if you step with alzheimer
From outta nowhere to the earth so call me ball guy
My big eye has the vision of my small eyes

It's from the heart so for that I won't appologize
It ain't me anyway it's coming from the all-wide
Raw hide dig in deep into the archive

No matter what I gotta hit it where the ball lies
At all times


Go around come around

Come on now homeward bound show 'em how
Growing now cop blow 'em down hold 'em down
Throw it down much wholer now

Slow it down I'm low 'n brow
A world within a world huh
Fold 'er now woven vow chosen style

Golden child s'all in doubt older now
No denial in it for the love won't
Throw the towel go around motormouth

No re-doubts all them non believers is
Moted now living through the music at
No amounts hold the ground on the town

Grow 'em how


You are ready to go on

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa