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Blackalicious lyrics : "A2G"

We're going to learn to hear words with vowel "A" sound....Listen with care

[Gift of Gab]

I be the [email protected]#^og arsonist, aimin at your arteries
All-seeing abstract, [email protected]#^yze everything
Adding on, absolutely abolishing

Average amateur's arsenal just astonishing

Next, we'll learn words that begin with letter "B"

I be the big, bad body rockin Bombay to boulevard bully BACK
Better bring a bomb to the battlefield

Bloody black beats bringing bottoms that boom
Basically build barriers bewilder buffoons

Listen now to words that begin with letter "C"

Crazy character, constantly creating concontions

Catalyst, a cannabalistic rhymes conqueror
Correctly connecting, craniums crumble down
Consistent capacity

Next we'll hear words that start with letter "D"

Done did that done did this diddle don
Domination don't dignify diction
Doin' it deep down dialect daring

Doomsday dut devastate during the duration

Listen to our song for vowel "E"

Extraterrestrial electrical, effortless
Eons of energy, everyone affected

Efficiently epitomize excellent
Extravagant elevate where the essence is

"F" is the letter with which these words begin

Blackalicious got funk for the future filling up fiends finally

Fabulous, furious, fatness, follow me
[email protected]^%s fall frequently, fact
Verbal felon fired up federally foundation fadin' all of this wack %#@!

You will listen carefully again to words with sounds for letter "G"

I be the Gift of Gab
The man with the given gift of gab man with the gift of gab

I possess the gift of gab
Gift of gab, gab
I use my gift of gab to boast and brag in every rhyme I

Got the gift of gab
When I shoot the gift, I shoot
I use the gift of gab like a harpoon

On the serious tip, I'm equipped with a gift
The gift of gab, it don't waiver
Yo man you gotta

Grab the mic to show you got the gift of gab

These are the letters B, C, D, and F, and then comes the letter G

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa