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BLACK WREATH : Solitude Rising (Missing All Exit) lyrics

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BLACK WREATH lyrics : "Solitude Rising (Missing All Exit)"

Finally clearing the last few drops of hope and purity
My veins can no longer be controlled, full of leaving white fairies
Full of the first moments of depression my body feels weak

And my head is burning, never ending memories of you

Time of madness, time of sorrow

Time of confusion, time of silence

You will find a way in you...

Behold the unlight of a thousand spears thrusting our souls
And we cling and we slip forever and ever downwards

Welcome to the mire and the funeral pyre
A temple of black marble and absent gods

A throne of fallen grace and emptiness
An altar of abandoned hope and loneliness
Behold the nightsky of a thousand stars

Falling to earth in dark procession,
Infinite solitude rising in all it's splendour

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