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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Whole Wide World"

This is for..


The whole wide world,
The whole wide world, the whole wide world, the whole wide world
And your neighborhood, and your neighborhood, and your neighborhood,

and your neighbor hood

[Verse 1]

Thank God for the love
cause a ^!$$% was up in the club lookin down on ^!$$% rat scum
Don't wait a single black daddy

with six litttle babies and one hell of a job
Mob in and out cities why is these ^!$$%s mad at me?
They say I'm pretty and he dont want his daughter to see

I'm Lil Bizzy thank god for my destiny
I love ya momma aint no drama in a breath of me


[Verse 2]

I barely made it I was runnin around faded gunnin the town up
Comin around the corner jesus I found ya
Dead bodies, my sister stilll wanna party

Nobody can stop me, nobody can stop me
You want everything you want stop searchin for your solemate
Cause you got cha one lets take it easy help him with the homework

Dicipline yall dont need the yellin


[Verse 3]
I met hear at a party ready to $#[email protected]

And I aint give a $#[email protected] casue she in another ^!$$% truck
You can have that (*##$ back as soon as I finish I'm fourteen
So I ^!$$% kinda get it

She's a mother$#[email protected] [email protected]#% the real whatta you know?
I fell in love the real was I fell in lust
Young and dumb and full of###

(*##$ can I fill it up? damn got a baby in nine months
We was on the getup I was at home cleanin they %#@! up
Been up since three o'clock in the mornin (the $#[email protected] you want!?)

You got a ^!$$% with your fake $$#
now you wanna call me for a bus pass?
$#[email protected] that keep walkin walkin

Always talkin make %#@! nothin and that %#@! gone kill ya
Betta take caution (*##$ I'm still that killa, killa, killa, killa

[Chorus Repeat Until Fade]

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