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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Trials & Tribulations"

[Bizzy: Talking]
Hey Mom
Thug Luv

Shouts to my old man on lock down
Stay strong, Stay strong
Your lil souljah

Will it be the rest, tell me less (oh yes)
I said that my ghetto medal's deep in my chest

When I see you up Ohio, when I'm in Cleveland, thieving, breathing
Blessed and unless my always second, guess why? Cause I'm the best
Let's watch me improving, test me now

And who do you think's the best from all the atrocities
And hypocrisy been a lost to me
They look the cost of weed, how fast you may be there, proceed

To the beast I see, wheezy, gimme...
Oh Lord don't leave me, never our Lord, should I prepare for war, now leave me B.B.
And is it a promise sail when they shipped to the people the Heavens

Understand I'm a Christianity... when you die, is you dead?
So don't try to comprehend with the questions and answers
So I'm a say it... All real ^!$$%s it ain't no Ouija pair

(B-B-B-Bone... B-B-B-Bee...)
When a meaningful matter will give up my name sh-shattered
When I leave you won't last... still fight for the real to kill the master

After 99; The silent times, we'll all make 'em in the water mine
Just keep all over sea, let me watch these demons murder cause I got status
Rapture that union, ^!$$% make ya father proud

And it's all up in your blood, you can get out, enjoy the grub
In (Name) we pray, the pistol killed all of our dawgs
In a gang of Europeans... not about who worked the most

Oh don't listen to me... Those sounds absurd leaves our history peaked
Where the tax paying thing, hating thing, so (*##$y
Don't miss me, Mom fist me, totally arranged

Mo Thug the math, fo bringing the pain and you's no thing
Sipping on apple, took to the conscious
"Son, go get me some milk, Jamaican Rum

And a Fifth of some [? ]
Run boy, oh boy gotta get Lordy every loader
But the time ain't getting shorter into a wall we go, go, go...

[Chorus: x2]
These are my trials and tribulations

(Tribulations of my world)[x2]
These are my trials and tribulations
(Tribulations of my world)[x2]

Well is it death embedded in my chest, when I gotta confess my sins
Like when ^!$$%s is up for revenge, it's just immense, gotta do 'em in

And all in all and again (gain), but they falling down my way
And I'm falling with the regime and I'm going left and brawling (dawg)
Unless lil Bizzy fallen ya'll, all of my dawgs all in

The vocabulary's rolling burning, situations flawless so is
Thuggas and popping, prostitutes take away your logging
^!$$% bone not even about it till we didn't even know what stopped it

I get... aggravated, hated... when the fam is failing, face it
And I'm giving you all that I got
Then the way to get more from lost; sex it's insane

When I was struggling back in the days, maintain
Hold your head like God said and go gain (go gain)

You can't chase me away, no
You can't chase me away (oh, oh)


My ^!$$% the majesty, the tragedies just had to be the last of me
Gotta make some sacrifices, surrounded by little devices
Blasphemy it'll pass to be the future, let it fall

Get in the problem we can't solve
But they react while they're cold (Cold...)

[Bizzy: talking]
They react while they're cold
They react act while they're muth$#[email protected] cold

Dear God
Give me the serenity to rest my soul
In this hell hole... called earth
These streets, no peace
6-6-6... [? ] in peace

[? ]... Yeah, Yeah
Mark my [email protected]#$ words
Sacrifices made... 7th sign regime
Mo Thug to death
Tell us when I die you's see what's deep in my eyes

Trials and Tribulations... the next chapter...

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